Fashion Law

The Law office “Ioanna Lagoumidou & Associates”, offers in a great variety of legal services; involving legal consultancy, representation of our clients before judges at courts, assisting them in strategy building a solid brand set up, protecting their rights and their artistic work  in a commercial environment , helping them to create a sound brand and maintain a top level status by avoiding being vulnerable due to a lack of accurate legal support. We assist our client to protect their creations as well as their brands from possible harm inflicted by counterfeiting products .

Last but not least we offer a full scope of consultancy services to ensure the best possible arrangement regarding  and even when disputes arrive with their creditors.

Indicatively the variety of our services include the following:

  • Registration of trademark and design
  • Protection of formation and distinctive elements
  • Extrajudicial or courtroom protection of authentic products, trademark rights, particularly regarding copyright infringements via internet
  • Protection against counterfeiting products either through traditional  trade or e-commerce
  • Consulting for brand advertising or its products /marketing in compliance with the European legislation
  • Legitimate use of Artificial intelligence by fashion and luxury brands
  • We offer sound legal advice to the start-uppers in the fashion industry
  • Composition of legally impenetrable contracts, which ensure the legal integrity and perpetual validity of any kind of agreements of entrepreneurs or artists of such sector
  • Distribution agreement
  • Overall legal coverage for e-commerce entrepreneurs
  • We provide compliance with the personal data legislation and the GDPR for our clients

The international conference titled “FASHIONING THE LAW” was co-organized by our team for many consecutive years, during which famous and well known legal experts as well as  renowned businesspeople actives in the fashion industry, delivered   speeches and workshops with such subjects.

We also have strong collaboration with law offices based in various other countries both in Europe and in the USA including but not limited to  Russia, Singapore, India.